Fenton Ki Aikido      Explore relaxation and movement through a Japanese martial art

Ki Aikido is an exploration into calmness and relaxation through movement and interactions with the rest of the world. Through calmness you can connect with other people, preceive alternative perspectives, and discover more about yourself and the world. Martial arts is not a path for vanquishing an opponent; it is a learning tool to explore deeper philosophies, to understand how everyone and everything is connected, and to calm your mind to see a clearer world.
The Fenton Ki Aikido (FKA) is offered as a program through the Fenton Riverchase Recreational Center. There are no obligations to pursue rank nor take tests. We do not have sparring. There are no tournaments. The classes are completely targeted towards self improvement. The classes are catered for all ranks. Beginners and advanced students train together because each can concentrate on concepts appropriate for their rank while working together and while helping each other. Classes are open to all students 15 to 99+.
Fenton Ki Aikido is a satellite school for St. Louis Ki Aikido (SLKA) located just north of Forest Park. SLKA (formerly Saint Louis Ki Society) was established in 1979. Mark Rubbert sensei, 6th degree black belt, oversees all instruction at SLKA and FKA. If you decide to pursue rank, testing will be conducted through SLKS.

SLKS is supervised by Kashiwaya sensei of Midland Ki Federation (MKF), an organization representing Ki Aikido in the central US, Canada, and Brazil.

MKF is an organization under Shin Shin Touitsu Aikido, an Aikido school founded by Koichi Tohei sensi. All MKF students are part of Shin Shin Touitsu Aikido. All FKA students who wish to pursue rank must join the SLKA, which in turn places them as part of this international organization.

Tom Nishino at info(a)fentonkiaikido.com

Please call the Riverchase at Fenton to schedule a class:
(636) 343-0067
990 Horan Dr., Fenton MO 63026

Fenton Ki Aikido is offered as a class at the Riverchase Recreation Center, Fenton Missouri
990 Horan Dr., Fenton MO 63026